Aquaponics 101


Naturally created aquatic ecosystems are possible through the wonderful use of symbiosis. In ponds, both fish and plants work together to assist one another in maintaining their habitat. Aquaponics is a great way to harness the power of this symbiotic relationship to grow fresh and organic produce to eat.







How does it work?


1. Water

Water is the key to both to plant life and aquatic life. Fish and other organisms rely on the quality of water to survive. Plants rely on water to deliver minerals and nutrients to grow.


2. Fish

As fish swim and eat, they also produce waste.  Over time fish waste release elements and bacteria, both good and bad. Ammonia is one element in particular that is release. High level can become toxic to all aquatic life.


3. Microbes, bacteria, and elements

Tiny microbes and bacteria begin to form and help break down ammonia into Nitrates and Nitrites.   


4. Plant Food

With Nitrates and Nitrites in the water,  plants begin to absorb them through their roots. Nitrogen is one of the 3 key nutrient components in a plants development.  


5. Clean Water

As plants continue to consume all of the nitrates and nitrites, the levels of toxicity drop to a point that the water becomes clean for the fish to live in once more.


6. Rinse and Repeat

Fresh clean water returns to the ecosystem, providing a clean habitat for the fish to live, all while creating nutrients for plants to grow organic produce to eat.