It all started when…

Southern California native, Julius Wong is best described as the unconventional designer whose life passion is to restore the planet back to health. In 2011, Julius became very curious about sustainability and off grid living. This journey led to a wealth of information and experiences, but also unveiled the sad truths about our agricultural practices and climate change caused directly by our choices.

He challenged himself everyday to find a way to do his part. After all of the test and trials, the solution was simple and clear. Plant a tree and Mother Nature will do the rest. The more living plants there are, the less greenhouse gases there is. 

In 2016, Julius began to use the power of aquaponics to design an easy to use system for people to grow their own produce. After 2 years of successes and challenges, he felt confident that his units could be a solution that might work for others. 

After 15 years of work for corporate, he decided to finally leave his job and dedicate his life towards helping others be self-sufficient, eat healthy and garden with ease. Its has been an exciting and extremely challenging journey, but its all been worth it. 

In 2018, Sailin' Gardens was introduced to provide growing solutions for everyone. For 2 years, Sailin' Gardens has been designing both small and large scale units customized to all individual needs. 

We happily invite everyone to join make this vision a reality. Reach out and see what we can do for you.