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Sailin' Gardens

Providing Long beach with custom aquaponic systems, accessories, workshops, and more!


Who are we


Sailin' Gardens believes that everyone deserves to have fresh, healthy and organic produce to eat daily. 

We believe that gardening is fantastically rewarding. And, we enjoy promoting sustainable habitats for fish and other aquatic life.

Our Goal is to support Mother Earth repair our planet, one plant at a time.

The Mission, empowering people to grow their own pesticide-free produce to consume, all while saving money on groceries

 The higher number of actively growing gardens, the cleaner our atmosphere will be. Together we can each do our part in giving Mother Nature a hand.

By creating simple, clean, sustainable systems that offer low maintenance, ease of use, and reliability; people, like you, will feel confident and empowered to want to grow their own edible garden.

Contact us at sailingardens@gmail.com  for pricing and product options.